About Us


Freebies Kpop Store is an online store owned by Ms. Joanne Paula Antonio.

She started the online store/the online selling in Facebook on July 21, 2009 with the goal of helping her fellow Kpop fanatics because kpop albums are not available in the Philippines, you can only buy them through ebay or other online shops, and online Filipino sellers are very few. Items sold in the store are pre-ordered to a supplier from Korea and will be shipped here to Manila. Customers can get the ordered through free meetups at a designated place or through local shipping to the buyers address. The online shop was named Freebies Kpop store because of the freebies (fan made photo cards) given to the customers.


As of now, Freebies Kpop Store is one the oldest online store in the Philippines and have many customers. It is one of the most trusted online kpop store. The store have its own website now so that customers can easily order/buy items that they want.


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